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Carolain Peregrino, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC

About Carolain

Carolain is a  California Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with specialty education in Psychiatry.  Her passion in psychiatry began in 2003 after she obtained her certification as a License Psychiatric Technician.  She then went on to work at different psychiatric settings across the bay area.  She worked as the medication nurse for a long term psychiatric facility in San Jose and 2 years later, she started caring for patients in the acute psychiatric setting at El Camino Hospital.  She also has a background experience working at a county Emergency Psychiatric Service. Carolain pursued her education further in 2008 and she graduated with a Masters Degree in Clinical Nurse Leadership from the University of San Francisco.  This provided her with the opportunity to provide care as a Registered Nurse and Charge Nurse at El Camino Hospital and Kaiser Permanente.  She soon became recognized as an exceptional psychiatric nurse due to her compassionate care and advocacy of patients that she was honored with the prestigious Caring Nurse Award in 2013.  Carolain is also passionate in teaching and have provided clinical instruction at San Jose State University and Mission College.  Carolain has chaired Suicide Risk Prevention for many years and was the primary investigator in a research study that geared to improve patient safety and staff satisfaction at El Camino Hospital’s acute care psychiatric department.  

In 2015, Carolain received her Post-Graduate Degree from the University of South Alabama as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. As a psychiatric prescriber, she provides comprehensive evaluation and pharmacological treatment of psychiatric disorders across the life span such as mood and anxiety disorders, psychosis, trauma, addiction and ADHD. Over the years, Carolain has a patient base of over 400 with greater than 4000 clinical hours as a psychiatric treatment provider.   She is a strong advocate for the treatment of maternal mental health disorders and have provided education to clinicians nationwide.  

Carolain is often described by her clients as easy-going, approachable, understanding, and very knowledgeable. She focuses her practice on the needs of her client where she partners with them to choose the most effective and safest pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatments available. Because the path to mental wellness is a journey, she is committed to be there at every step.

Some Personal Information

Carolain is a married mother of 2 young boys and a little teacup poodle named Coco.  She loves fishing, spending time with her family, going on trips, crocheting, baking, gardening and reading non-fiction books.